It is an exciting time for interventional pulmonology (IP) and advanced bronchoscopy procedures. The value of IP skills is now crystal clear to our patients and institutions and there is no longer a need for us to explain what interventional pulmonology is and what we bring to the table. As stated in the newly redefined mission of AABIP, we are here to advance the care of patients with thoracic diseases through synergy of innovative technologies, minimally invasive procedures, and transformative education and research. Beyond the recognition, there is now a true sense of momentum and excitement that we, as AABIP members, can harness our collective energy to advance the field by conducting high-quality research, delivering evidence-based care, and providing first-class education. In order to turn these aspirational goals into actions, the AABIP leadership has set the following goals over the next two years:

Research: The AABIP will offer funding of research grants related to the study of interventional pulmonology in the form of one award of $20,000 per year via a competitive application process. We will also continue to organize bi-annual scientific symposia held during the CHEST and ATS annual meetings which served as a forum to vet innovative ideas and exchange developing knowledge in IP.

Education: The AABIP is committed to diversify and expand educational offerings to its member. In late 2015, we started a series of free webinars hosting experts in the field. Those have been immensely popular and are available to our members for free download on our website. I am most excited to announce that AABIP will hold its inaugural independent national meeting in July of 2017. This will be an “all things IP and advanced pulmonary procedures” meeting. Of course, we will continue our popular educational events such as the IP boot camp for IP fellows, EBUS course, and AABIP board review course.

Training: The work on standardizing IP fellowship training is ongoing and we are very close to publishing accreditation standards which are jointly sponsored by leading pulmonary organizations. This will lay out the frame work for IP training programs to provide the necessary core knowledge and procedural skills deemed essential for the practice of IP.

Practice management: AABIP held the first symposium on billing and coding for pulmonary procedures in October of 2015 and will continue to offer those on a regular basis. Additionally, AABIP will soon conduct a survey of its members to establish benchmarks for salaries and RVU for interventional pulmonologists and advanced bronchoscopists.

Our aspiration is to make the AABIP your oasis for exchanging ideas with your peers, acquire new knowledge via our educational offering and the Journal of Bronchology and interventional Pulmonology and stay up-to-date on trends and issues shaping up our field. I invite you to be involved and answer the call when we solicit your participation in various AABIP committees and activities.

President of the AABIP

Director, Interventional Pulmonology and Bronchoscopy
Associate Professor of Medicine
Duke University Medical Center