Welcome to the AABIP research awards instructions. Please follow these instructions carefully. Failure to follow instructions may result in administrative withdrawal of the application.

Each form may be downloaded below. These forms, and the basics for the application are based on the National Institutes of Health (NIH) PHS 398 application, and the American Lung Association. Please refer to for additional information. For assistance with the application process, please contact the AABIP. Please allow up to 48 hours for a response.

At each step in the process, you will need to complete forms and pages as directed. Certain pages will require scanning prior to placing them into the document, such as the Face Page and Letters of Support. Please note that our online submission form accepts only PDF’s


Applications should follow an NIH style format.  For detailed instructions click on the following link:

Required forms that must be downloaded AND completed.

  1. Form Page 1: Face Page
  2. Form Page 2: Summary, Relevance, Project Sites, Key Personnel, Other Contributors
  3. Form Page 3: Research Grant Table of Contents
  4. Form Page 4: Detailed Budget for Initial Budget Period
  5. Form Page 5: Biographical Sketch Format Page
  6. Form Page 6: Resources Format Page
  7. Form Page 7: Other Support Format Page


Submit completed PDF’s using the button below.

Submit Completed Documents

For inquiries and general questions please contact research committee chairman, Rabih Bechara, MD.