Educational Program Endorsement Task Force (EPET)

//Educational Program Endorsement Task Force (EPET)


The American Association for Bronchology and Interventional Pulmonology seeks to advance the care of patients with thoracic diseases through the synergy of innovative technologies, minimally invasive procedures, and transformative education and research. As part of this effort, we seek to partner with individuals and organizations that share our vision and commitment to education.


Organizations or individuals within the Interventional Pulmonology community may seek the endorsement of the AABIP for specific educational programs. Such an endorsement implies that the AABIP supports the mission and curriculum of that specific program. These endorsements provide an imprimatur of approval that assures the general public that such programs will be conducted under the highest standards of medical education by faculty that have the requisite expertise to conduct such programs.

To provide a transparent, fair and consistent process for evaluation of such programs seeking endorsement, the AABIP has convened an Educational Program Endorsement Task Force (EPET) that will be responsible for all such endorsements.


The AABIP-EPET is headed by the Vice President of the AABIP and 2 additional BOD members appointed by the Vice President. The service term is for 2 years starting with the Vice Presidents term in office.


Programs seeking AABIP endorsement will submit an application to the AABIP via the button below. The application will consist of the following

    1. 1. A brief description of the program and the educational objectives.
    1. 2. A copy of the brochure or agenda including a list of speakers.
    1. 3. A Conflict of Interest Disclosure for all members of the organizing committee.
    1. 4. A statement outlining the amount of CME credit being awarded for the program.
    1. 5. A commitment by the program to acknowledge the AABIP endorsement by including the AABIP logo on all promotional materials and displaying an AABIP provided slide during the conference.

A processing fee of $300 should accompany the application packet. The AABIP-EPET will render a decision within 2 weeks following receipt of the completed application packet. Decisions of the AABIP-EPET are final. In the event that the endorsement is not granted, $200 will be refunded to the program within 90 days of the rejection notice.

Criteria for Endorsement

    1. 1. Educational program topics are related directly to the practice of Interventional Pulmonology.
    1. 2. The proposed content is evidence based and scientifically sound.
    1. 3. There is no evidence of systematic intellectual or commercial bias.

Chair: Ali I. Musani MD