The AABIP is proud to announce an exciting new educational tool for the Interventional Pulmonologist!!!

The American Association for Bronchology and Interventional Pulmonology Knowledge Assessment Tool (AABIP-KAT) is the first question bank designed specifically to challenge and improve your knowledge in the field of Interventional Pulmonology through the use of case based questions, explanations and suggested readings. Whether you are preparing for the IP In Service Examinations, the IP Board Certification, are just beginning a career in Interventional Pulmonology, or simply want to refresh and expand your knowledge base, this question bank is for you!In keeping with the connected lifestyle of today, the question bank is offered in an electronic format via an app currently designed for the iPAD iOS platform. With the app download you will receive 5 free sample questions, while additional blocks of questions are available through in-app purchases at a very reasonable rate. Additional modules are in the works and updates to existing modules will be provided free of charge to all purchasers. For non-iPad users please be on the lookout for availability on other platforms. The App can be found at:

Otis Rickman

Dr. Otis B. Rickman is an Associate Professor of Medicine and Thoracic Surgery at Vanderbilt University Medical Center and Director of Interventional Pulmonology in Nashville, TN.


  • Klaus Lessnau

    I strongly believe that IP fellowships should have two years of training. SImilar to the Hopkins program.

    More expertise will increase our reputation especially among thoracic surgeons.

    I also believe that reimbursement should increase, especially with a two year program.

    Klaus Lessnau 29.08.2016
  • Klaus Lessnau

    I also believe that our reimbursement should increase. We are very highly trained specialists who are quite similar to thoracic surgeons. It is inappropriate that we have to support our income with ICU work.

    Klaus Lessnau 29.08.2016

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